Condo for Rent $1,500 Marina Del Rey Phase I, Warning: Mould, Floods When it Rains, No Kitchen

Would you want to rent or buy this condo from me?  The living conditions in my condo are making me ill.  I am trying to rent it for $1,500 per month,  640 sq. ft. loft  located at 2261 Lakeshore Blvd. W, Phase I, Marina Del Rey condominium in Etobicoke on the lake.  I need to rent it ASAP so that I have enough money to get another place to live. I must disclose: It floods when it rains, has mould in the walls, no kitchen, no finished bathroom.  

Lessons from the British Columbia condo problems:

This place does have a very nice view.  It is perfect for someone who is not sensitive to mould, doesn't mind not having a kitchen (RABBA is next door + I use plastic forks and paper cups), doesn't mind the lower floor getting wet when it rains (I will provide a shop vac and mop for you to use), doesn't mind the sound of water rushing through pipes at night because the walls and ceilings have holes left open by the condo corporation's plumbers who flooded it in 2009.  I recommend that you keep your furniture covered with plastic and up on blocks away from the windows so it doesn't get wet. You can use my furniture but it may smell a bit mouldy.  The condo management and directors have advised me that they are unable to do anything to help me because the repairs I have requested are the subject of litigation. 

$375,000 for 640 sq. ft. is the selling price suggested to me by Barry Percival, the lawyer representing Allianz, the insurance company representing the Defendants.

FYI, a local real estate did some research and the top 3 sales prices for similar units in my building ranged from $372 to $420 per sq. ft. depending on the quality of interior finishes and renovations, $238,000 seems to be a reasonable price for my condo if it wasn't wrecked.  However, I would be selling my condo as is, with mould in the common walls, defective window design causes flooding in units below when it rains, window frame is not square in my unit causing leaks.  You would have to completely gut it, remediate the mould, and rebuild it.  You would also have to try to get the condo corp. to change the defective windows and frame. Contractors also think there may be a problem with the roof which causes water to flow down through my walls too. What do you think it is worth? 




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Hi Christina, email me privately.  I have some questions regarding your property.




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