How do I inform this community about my business or organization?

You have different options. You could:

A) Register as a member and post blogs, discussions or events on behalf of your organization.
B) Register your business or organization as a member of this site. This would allow you to have your organizations name appear wherever you contribute to the site, and it would allow you to customize the profile to align with the brand of your organization. Your organization could have its own blog and discussion threads.
C) Create a group for your business or organization and get people interested in your organization or business to join the group so you can target updates to that group.
D) A combination of all of the above.

A key message is that although Our Lakeshore bills itself as Residents for Residents; the businesses and organizations of this community are an important voice that need to be heard in this conversation as well.

This is not to say however that this site should become an open channel for businesses to hawk their wares. The community will moderate anything activities that would potentially over-commercialize this site.

Every member profile has its own privacy settings, so you can allow as much or as little interaction as you choose. Click on Settings under your name and Privacy at the left to check it out.

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