Every member can manage there own email settings. You receive emails when you have new messages or someone replies to you discussion or you can turn them off and just see them when you check out the site.

To adjust your emails;
  1. Click on Settings below your name at the top right
  2. Click on Email at the left
  3. Uncheck and check the boxes accordingly
  4. Make sure you save you settings

While we're talking about these things, if you haven't already you can remove that big green box on the front page when you log in by clicking the little x in the top right corner of the box.

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Hi Brian,
I subscribe to this site and I do enjoy it. Today however I received in my inbox one of those African money scheme emails which I'm sure everybody has received at one time or another. What puzzled me was that my i.d.name from the our lakeshore site was attached to the email. I have never used this i.d. for anything else ever except for our lakeshore. Do you have any idea how they would have got my address?

Thank you,
Hi Christine,

I sent you a note. Please forward me the email so I can investigate.




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