Hello everyone,

I noticed the other day that I hadn't been to Ourlakeshore.net in a long time. I see that there is still some moderate use, but I wonder if its time to move on.

It's not a lot of work or cost to run the site at this point so it's not a big deal to keep it up, but to me as a technology person, this web site is out of date.

I have seen a few issues that have come up in the neighbourhood recently that didn't really get any traction on this site, but were debated extensively on other sites and social media.

If you believe we should keep this site alive, please convince me. And if you don't, don't :)

If we do shut it down, I'll maybe look into a way to archive the content so that it's still available online.



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Hi Brian, that is a tough question.

If you could link it to a facebook page, we seem to have an active facebook community. We faced a similar question ourselves and I wanted to share this on your site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkorsM4n5VY&feature=youtu.be

After 8 years, we are closing the Toy Store and wanted to let the community know and say Thank You, especially to people like you and your family. :)

Hi Carol,

Thank you. That video is a sweet way to let us all know about what is sad news to us, but I'm sure its not a decision made lightly. You, Lootman and your store will definitely feature high in our children's childhood memories about their neighbourhood growing up. Not to mention our early parenthood memories.

I wish you all the best and I hope to see you around the neighbourhood.



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