We're probably already late for signing up but we're looking for some non-competitive outdoor soccer leagues for small children (2-5 years of age) Something akin to Timbits soccer would be great. Do any leagues that fit this description play on fields in the general vicinity of South Etobicoke?



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Its not terribly local to South Etobicoke, but my son enjoyed playing at the Etobicoke Youth Soccer league. Games are near Centennial Park.


I know some friends who are involved in another league. I think it might be Islington Rangers. I'm not sure where they play their games. I'll post when I find out.


My friend indicated that his practices and games for Islington Rangers were split between the Mimico Adult Learning center (Mimico and Royal York) and Islington and Norseman.



There is nothing in the exact neighbourhood. We signed our daugher up to High Park Timbits soccer.

Here is the link but as you will notice its almost full.


Thanks Aaron.


We looked at High Park FC for the timbits, but unfortunately, driving home from downtown downtown, pick up the kids at daycare, feed them, get them changed back  "in town" at the soccer field just doesn't work on weeknights. Hence the reason for something closer to us!

I work for a Church in Etobicoke and we are currently exploring beginning a fun, low-competitive, and affordable soccer league for kids in the lakeshore community (the main issue is getting field space). It would be geared for kids ages 6-8, and another for ages 9-12 (though it can be somewhat flexible in this regard).

As well, I should let you know that we already are running a kids program at St. Teresa's Catholic School on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:00pm. There is a group for JK - grade 5 (runs until April), and another for grades 6-8 (runs until June).

Feel free to stop by anytime (note: we are away for March Break)


Hi there,

This summer we are starting the Lakeshore Soccer League, a fun low-competitive, and skill-building co-ed soccer program at LCI Sports Center for kids and youth ages 6-12. I see you were asking for a program for ages 2-5, but perhaps now the oldest might be eligible for the Junior Division. Take a look at our website for more information:


Thanks Andrew. This sounds like a great setup! Definitely something needed in our area! Unfortunately, my boys are still too young for this league.

We have signed them up with the Islington Rangers as per Brian's suggestion above. They are very excited to get the season going.

Hi there,

I just came across our discussion again from a few years back. If your kids are old enough now (6-12), they are welcome to register for this coming summer. We've had roughly 130 kids from the Lakeshore neighbourhood the last two summers, so don't wait too long to sign up. For more information you can take a look at the website: www.lakeshoresoccerleague.ca.

Have a nice day,


Back to the original question, anyone know of soccer clubs/games for children under 5 in New Toronto/Long Branch/Mimico area?

I was the original poster. We never found a league for young children right in the lakeshore area.

This will be our 3rd summer playing with the Islington Rangers now. They have a U5 league but don't go any younger. http://www.islingtonrangers.com/page/show/1510857-summer-2015-outdo...

The only leagues I've found that go younger than U5 are Timbits soccer with the High park FC and the Etobicoke Youth soccer league.

Came across a business card for Lil`Strikers  they seem to offer soccer & soccer camps for ages 18mos-9yrs  some classes are at L.C.I. st 350 Kipling ave.  http://lilstrikersgta.com/


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