Check out this link for local streetscape plans

Landowner's Streetscape Manual for Ward 6 EY35.72

... to come up at city council meeting end of August

That City Council approve, in principle, the Etobicoke-Lakeshore Landowner's Streetscape Manual as a guideline for improvements to lands within the four Ward 6 BIAs, and that the Manual be forwarded to the General Manager of Economic Development for review, in consultation with the Chief Planner, the General Manager of Transportation Services, and any other relevant Divisions, and report back to the first meeting of the Etobicoke York Community Council in 2015, on any recommended adjustments.

The four Business Improvement Areas in Ward 6 have undertaken a comprehensive revitalization initiative and as part of this process have adopted a landowner's streetscape manual. When implemented, the manual's guidelines will establish an easily identifiable BIA district which will create a destination welcoming new businesses and customers to the area.  This manual will inform the site plans as they relate to the public right-of-way and ensure that the BIA's vision is captured and implemented through this process

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Well it passed at City Council, but in my view means little. No timelines, not enough detail, too vague and - most of all - doesn't seem to have involved the community in any meaningful way. It is just the appearance of progress with little real progress.


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