Any info on the Ember House opening up, as well as the Children's Urban Enrichment Centre?  I saw those on my walk today!  Also, what's happening to the Thai restaurants closing down? :(

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Has the Thai Restaurant closed or have they gone on their travels again?  A number of years ago, they closed the restaurant for a few months while they travelled "home". Wondering if this has happened again?  Having been written up in Toronto Life and always busy, I wonder at the owners closing it.

Hope you are right!

Hope so too! We tried ordering two nights ago and their phone line was disconnected. I drove by and noted a sign in the door but was not able to read it from the road. 

The sign says closed down from Nov.24th onwards, so I think they are done.  Heard a rumour about a pub opening there?

I am having withdrawals already!  They always seemed to have patrons whenever you passed or where eating....such a sad passing! "Just what we need another pub or bar, "I said sarcastically.

Hello all. My name is Sean Norman and my partner is Troy Pritchard. We are very excited to be opening Ember hot stove and Social house. To answer a few questions I have read .. No we are not a pub or bar. We are opening an exciting c
Oops sorry all. Mobile phones are tough to type on sometimes I apologize. Like I said earlier,we are not a pub or just a bar we are a restaurant and social house ( social house meaning a lounge type of environment.)We will feature Modern Canadian cuisine craft beer and fine wines, not to mention a great atmosphere and decor. If you have any further questions ask away. Happy New Years everyone.

Sean and Troy.

We are thrilled to have you!  My husband I, former downtowners with 2 small kids, can't wait to have a date night in the hood.  Welcome!!

We look forward to meeting you and the family Teresa.

Sign me up!

Wow!! so happy to hear about your new place Sean and Troy. We REALLY need an establishment like yours in our neighborhood. When are you opening?


Thank you Anna. Our goal was February 1. Now we hope to open by the 10th


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