Any info on the Ember House opening up, as well as the Children's Urban Enrichment Centre?  I saw those on my walk today!  Also, what's happening to the Thai restaurants closing down? :(

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This is great. Your sign looks great and really stands out.... congrats and welcome!

Any further scoop on Children's Urban Enrichment centre? Can't seem to find anything about it online either. 

Here is a link to there webpage!untitled/c6ql

Hello Lakeshore Community. My name is Alexandra Vigeant and along with my partner and brother Chef Doug Sabine we are opening a new restaurant called Goodlake where Lees Thai Spring Roll used to be in New Toronto. We are a neighbourhood bistro focused on a great menu with feature dishes changing seasonally and as we get our hands on great ingredients. We are working hard right now to update the restaurant and turn it into a warm and welcoming space for the neighbourhood to enjoy. Think date nights, family dinners, and a place to gather with friends and enjoy some great food and lovely company. I can't wait for you to see our transformation, and if you are curious you can check out our progress at We also have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - @goodlakefood. I am a resident of New Toronto myself and I am just as excited as you all to start seeing some changes on Lake Shore. With Goodlake, Pizza e Pazzi, and Ember Hot Stove and Social House all opening within a few blocks, New Toronto is becoming a real destination! Can't wait to welcome you all in the coming weeks.
We are very excited. And look forward to your opening. Good Lake sounds great!!
Thanks! Excited to meet you guys - Good luck with everything as you gear up to open!

I love your signage!  I find it so rare in our community but your sign stands out!  We need more "funky" in our neighbourhood and less cheesy.  Very excited to try you guys out!

Ember is a great new restaurant/bar in our neighbourhood - if you haven't checked it out yet, you should.  The food is delicious!

Also, the Children's Urban Enrichment Studio (C.U.E.S.) just opened this week and we are very impressed with the facilities for kids!  It's kind of like Hooray for Play, but bigger.  There is a toy room, mini library, music room, art room, a HUGE play "gym" with lots of mats and big, soft toys for climbing on, a mini stage, and a cafe area where there are tables, high chairs, etc.  Eventually they are going to have food/coffee that you can buy, they will have a stroller lock up bar outside, and they are going to run classes (ie. mom and tot yoga, music classes for kids, etc).  If you have kids, another great place in our area to check out.  


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