No more direct ttc service for Humber Bay Residents from downtown

Since yesterday the TTC has announced that there will be no more direct service from downtown passed Humber.

Which means all Humber residents will have to change cars at the Humber Loop.

It states on the TTC website that this is temporary but speaking to 4 TTC drivers they have been told that this is permanent!

Humber Bay residents have been getting the short end of the stick from the TTC for too long, and now which this change it’s the nail in the coffin.

It is very unfair to expect such a growing community to not have a direct line to downtown. Switching cars means double wait times for all Humber Bay residents and with the rain and snow..who wants to get out of the streetcar to switch to another after only three stops?!

With only the express bus running at select times, the streetcar is our main and sometimes only option.

We need as many voices with this as possible!

Everyone please reach out to our Councillor of Ward 6 Mark Grimes

and the TTC

Thank you!


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I agree. Also the route is used to get to Parkdale and Queen West in the evening to go to bars and restaurants. The Humber loop at night is pretty sketchy and isolated. I think some women waiting there would be concerned for their safety. 


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