Attention Marina Del Rey Condo owners: Many of your windows are fogged because the seals have failed. 

Insist that your windows are 5mm thick and low E but not the pink colour.  A window expert pointed out to me that at Phase I, some of the windows that have been replaced in recent years are pink, others are clear, some are only 4mm. The original builder's windows are only 3mm. 

ACME Glass installed 3 replacement windows in my unit in 2003 (including the fogged one in the photo above) and I am upset that they started to fog 6 years after replacement.  The warranty was only 5 years. Make sure that the installer does not use excessive caulking because over time, the sun melts it and causes streaks on the outside of your window which can not be removed by the window washers. 

Also request to have your slider windows replaced if water is flooding your unit when it rains.  The design of slider windows was identified as defective in the 1997/98 annual general meeting report. Please be sure to keep your slider windows closed when it rains, otherwise water can enter the track, penetrate the wall and flood your neighbours below.

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Amazing!  Today I just received a letter from Marina Del Rey's lawyer, Barry Percival.  In it he writes:  "The Condominium Corporation has a continuing obligation to investigate and perform repairs to the common elements.  We have requested the Property Manager to proceed with such investigation and repairs of the windows and roof, ir warranted."



Finally, WooHoo!  After years of submitting complaints and being forced to commence legal action in Sept 2010 regarding this issue!


The problem with our windows was first identified in the Annual Report MTCC 864 1997 / 98 written by the President of our Condo Corporation (at that time), Brenda Knei.  In it she wrote:

"A number of units on the east exposure of the building were still experincing leaks following severe wind driven rain storms.  There were three reasons for these leaks, one of which is preventable by everyone.  DO NOT leave your outside slider windows open when you are not in your unit or while it is raining!!  The rain fills the slider track and filters down to the unit or units below.  Also when the window is closed and the wind is strong enough it may drive the rain through the drain holes and around the window edge leading to the same result as above." "We are investigating the feasibility of a different type of window to correct the leaks"




Brenda Knei is one of two Board Members who had their defective windows replaced with awning windows a few years back.  She has six.  Mr Geffen, the other Board Member had five replaced free of charge. 

The neighbour above me was told that if he wants his slider windows replaced, then he would be charged $1000 each. Why does everyone else at Marina Del Rey have to pay to get their old leaking slider windows replaced?

A cleaning lady told me that five of her clients at Marina Del Rey have leaking windows.  My neighbour down the hall told me that she knows four unit owners with leaking windows. 

Shouldn't we all be getting our defective windows replaced free of charge? 

Do we need to become a Board member?

My enthusiasm has been short lived.  I submitted dozens of written requests to fix the leaking window problem to Management and the Board of Directors in April and May 2011.  There has been no progress or repairs.  After nearly a solid month of rain, my window area is more wet than ever!

On Thursday May 19 2011, I called the City of Toronto to have a By-Law officer inspect my unit because the leaking windows violate  section 629-21 of the Toronto Municipal Code of Property Standards for mult-residential dwellings.  There are also large holes in the walls and ceilings cut open by plumbers hired by Management in September 2009.  This is a violation of section 629-27.  I am getting second hand smoke and insects coming into my unit from the open holes.  The living conditions in this unit are against the law and dangerous.

On Sunday May 22, 2011 I slipped on the wet floor caused by the defective leaking windows and broke my left wrist, and injured my right collar bone, shoulder and elbow.  I am very upset because I have to take at least 8 weeks off from work so that my body can heal.  I am a self employed ladscaper specializing in fish pond maintenance.  I have a cast on my arm from my fingers to my elbow.  I can't carry things or put my hand underwater.

My body is aching from the fall - I am so upset!  What is going to happen to my business if I can't work?

This not a good photo of me.  My hair is a mess - not blow dried, and no makeup.  It is hard to put yourself together, take a shower, or get dressed when you have injured both arms!


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