5% of Ward 6 has visited this site in the last 3 months

Visitor statistics for OurLakeshore.net (Jan - Mar, 2011)

I was just looking over our stats for this site and all I can say is congratulations friends and neighbours! Above is a snapshot of our visitor statistics for Jan 1 - Mar 31, 2011 and they are really amazing. Close to 6,000 unique people have visited this site since January, and they have visited over 12,000 times in the last three months. Altogether looking at over 40,000 pages on the site. And that's just 3 months of statistics. If I go back to the launch of the website, over 26,000 unique visitors have come to the site since it was created.

Those are really great numbers considering the combined population of the Lakeshore communities is 56,950. (2006 stats by insideToronto). 

  • 5879 unique visitors
  • Localizing to the 70% of hits that came from South Etobicoke = 4115
  • Assuming 1/4 are double counts from work and home computer = 3086
  • 3086 / 56,950 = 5.4%

I know marketers who would kill for traffic from 1% of their desired market, so 5% for a community site is something else.

Thank you everyone for your continued participation and passion for the area.

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Comment by Brian on April 5, 2011 at 1:25pm

A few requests to advertise on the site have come in since I made this post. I just wanted to be clear that this wasn't my intention when I wrote it. I was genuinely happy to see that so many people are getting something out of the site.


We don't actually manage ads for the site. We have the one banner in the middle that we use to promote local things, but its usually pro bono. One exception is that a local BIA helps pay our monthly fees to keep the site up, so we don't have to ask members for donations, or actively sell advertising.


The ads at the right side is an automated Google AdSense frame. We have no control over what appears there. Its based on Googles AdWords program which matches keywords on the site with advertising. We do get some money when people click on the ads, but its not very much (not enough to cover the monthly fees).


If you are a local business and you would like to have ads appear on this site, there is a way. You can setup a Google AdWords account, and then the following article tells you how to target specific sites like OurLakeshore.net and other local sites.






p.s. I still don't work for Google. I was interviewed, but I guess I'm over qualified ;) 

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