We launched this new Our Lakeshore website that turns residents and community groups into the publishers of this local site.

The previous OurLakeshore.net website was put up in one day and we did not envision that the site would grow to over 800 registered members.

Recently, 166 people completed our survey collecting input on what they think OurLakeshore.net should do going forward.

The website component of this survey found that:
41% want to find out about new businesses
38.7% want community events and classifieds
20 % want a community discussion board
16.7% want people to write guest blog posts
12.8% want to be able to set up their own group

The new website addresses much of the input from this survey. (Note: we have also inserted the comments from the website section of the survey at the bottom of this post).

What you can do on the new site:
  • Add your own events
  • Post news about local businesses
  • Create and communicate with your own group
  • Write a blog post
  • Upload a picture or video
  • Create or join a discussion forum

This website is for residents in the Etobicoke Lakeshore community to participate in a discussion about local issues. Posts will be moderated by the community and featured posts will appear on the front page of the site.

We have now re-directed www.OurLakeshore.net to this new site.

We have added a forum topic where you can add your comments about the site. Please note that the google ads that appear on the right hand side are placed there by the service we are using. We have an option of paying to remove those ads.

By Residents, For Residents

The following is Full list of survey comments about website features (although there are a couple that don't seem on topic).

  • more community type events as well, maybe even job postings for local people and businesses
  • All great ideas!
  • extend to the many home based businesses and to businesses within, say 1 mile, of lakeshore??
  • How can we go about getting new businesses into the Lakeshore? Can our councillor not help?
  • Who wants to shop dollar stores and cash advance stores?
  • I'd rather see it as a website rather than blog format as it is very poorly organized, it would probably function better just as a discussion board.
  • The site is great.
  • Member to member forum, bulletin board maybe a buy sell to create repeat readership
  • All of the above would be great.
  • The more information the better.
  • I like to try places recommended by others. If there were a bulletin board section on the site to post reviews, it would be interesting.
  • continue to highlight continued growth and renewal of our community and hopefully attract more business as well as encourage cleaning up tired areas
  • Consider highlighting one business per month and have that business host host an event (tasting, presentation) with OurLakeshore
  • A Little Taste of Home just opened and an Air Quality store. I would suggest profiles on both of them.
  • News and happenings about the Lake Shore even if they aren't related to business.
  • information on the local services to help our citizens
  • More community issues - less about business
  • not necessarily video but business profiles are helpful
  • May want to explore residents stories / charity work within the area.
  • Any events happening in south Lakeshore.
  • Others ways to get involved with the community. e.g. forming of sub-committees to work on other initiatives.
  • Local events, city hall news that pertains to our ward, more info on Councillor Grimes (how he voted at key votes, etc).
  • Write ups about the businesses. Not everyone can access utube for the videos.
  • More news about what is hapening in our hood.Uncensored and objective just the facts.
  • As you all knowI'd like to make more videos, but more help is needed, and more widespread knowledge that these video's are posted. if that makes sense
  • The more unique and worthy busin/service advertised will be better supported by lakeshore residents.
  • 1.Definately would Like to have a section with what NEW buisnesses are coming IN , as alot of times i see Stores in which someone is doing renos
  • Upcoming events. To be included - Assembly Hall events are worthwhile (Live Theatre, Silent/Live Auctions, Art Shows etc).
  • All of the above would be an interest to me.
  • I don't really have time to go to the web site. The e-mail list is how I stay in touch
  • We need to step up to show our businesses that are already here that we appreciate there services
  • Community Information and updates
  • how about jade elephant
  • Community news.
  • I know over the years our area has been in the paper (Toronto Star etc.) in a positive way. We should find those articles and add them to the site.
  • Links to local business websites, bulletin board of community meetings
  • information for new residences like where to find banks, police stations, government offices, transit routes, parks, community centres schools etc.
  • While it isn't my day job, I like to write -- maybe I could interview some of the businesses.
  • communication between residents. keep each other informed re local issues, crimes, rezoning and development like 51 Lakeshore, general interest stuff.
  • Restaurant reviews. Places to take your toddler. There are few affordable activities for under 3 year-olds and moms.
  • Need more information about the historical societies.
  • Also need to rally people against "Lakeshore Village" - the community is New Torontto
  • When your meetings are, for a start. Why does this group operate in secret away from the rest of the community?Why are you hiding?
  • It would be nice to see other local events listed.
  • A classified section could generate revenue for the site as well as providing a service
  • - Like some of the ideas including forum and blogs. Don't spend time doing facebook - it's already done! Didn't work at any other organizations.
  • A discussion board is all that is necessary.
  • I think as people communicate we can learn what people want from our community and how we can make it the best that it can be.
  • this would give groups a voice they night not otherwise have and showcase the diversification of our neighbourhood.
  • To be honest I don't even know what a twitter micro-blog is. I like the business guides best.
  • The site should be dedicated to facilitate community acitivities and be a voice and a place for exchange of views on community issues.
  • What is Twitter micro blogging?
  • Devoted area for "excellence" providers. Perhaps a resident used a specific plumber or cleaning service that did a fantastic job.
  • Would Like to have a section on ANYTHING that moves in the area so we can get a better idea of the shape up of the area, and how it will benefit us.
  • community events - definitely
  • classifieds - I'm not so sure - maybe
  • Not sure what some of these other options are...
  • More of a social website, with open points of view as well as easier access.
  • A list of new developments/proposals in the area (Ex. skateboard pk/skate trail/dev over greenbelt @ 4th st...)Provide user commenting on each.
  • It is important for long-time residents/groups to have their voices heard - not just newcomers to the area. Attitude of many newcomers is appalling.
  • Meeting dates, times, locations.
  • Who this group is really working for. Why do long-time residents of our communities not count - but you do?

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